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AHSA School

Was established in 2014 and is oriented toward distinct education, because of its clear vision and mission directed to generations aware of their past, understanding of their present, and looking forward to their future.
The school is also characterized to have distinguished educational cadres in all specializations, and includes many modern technology tools, advanced laboratories, and equipped classrooms, which aims to raise the educational efficiency of the teacher and student through the application of modern strategies in learning.

Trusted by more than 456700 happy parents

Our Mission

Providing educational services in a digital school environment and

with a qualified administrative and educational team

Our Values

To provide students with all

  • CREATIVENESS: To see things in new ways, and break barriers that obstracle you for some time"
  • HUMILITY:To listen attentively to your teacher,Cooperate in your class and help one another when you have group working.
  • RESPECTFULNESS: Show respect in many ways everyday that you may not even realize!
  • COOPERATION: Everyone needs to respect the school rules.
  • CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Where students return to school for enrichment activities.
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