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About us


Wellcome to AHSA school

Welcome to the website of Al-Ahsa Model School-mail and where we aim to enhance communication between home and school and that reflects the site bright image of the school in all educational aspects and to be a realization of the vision school tools: the leader in quality digital education in the Arab Gulf region, I ask God Almighty to obtain a site satisfaction and satisfaction

Our Vision

  • To have an outstanding educational community that prepares a creative generation who will be able to face future's challenges.

Our Message

To provide students with all

  • skills
  • knowledge
  • sciences depending on effective leadership experiences
  • highly competent teachers and modern learning strategies
  • using the best and most up-to-date educational technologies for the purpose of preparing a creative generation that contributes in building its society

Our Values


everyone needs to keep the school rules.


seeing things in new ways, breaking barriers that stood in front of you for some time.


listen attentively to your teacher,Cooperate in your class, help one another whern you have teamworks..


show respect in many ways everyday that you may not even realize!

Continuous Learning

where students return to school for enrichment activities.

The school was founded in 2014

Boys Students only

  The school for the following grades: elementary school - Medium - High School.

The Head of School is Mr. Hany Ibrahim bin Shazam.

The average number of students per class is 15.

Number of school employees is 55

Strategic Plan

Improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • To create an educational environment that enhances students' behavior.
  • To increase students' achievement level.
  • To develop students' talents and skills.
  • To provide students with higher order thinking skills.
To develop school employee's professional performance
  • To increase teachers competence professionally.
  • To develop teachers' abilities in digital learning use.
  • To enhance leadership abilities among all educational system levels.
To prepare learning environment coping with modern learning requirements.
  • To activate digitalism in all school processes.
  • To apply modern learning strategies inside school classrooms.
  • To create a creative competition within school environment.
  • To provide students with diverse life skills.
To establish an effective partnership between school and community.
  • To provide remarkable community services.
  • To strength relationships inside school communities.